[Review] Geo Holicat Funky Blue 14.5mm


I haven't done circle lens reviews for a while but here is a new one! These lenses are sponsored by geocolouredlenses.com and the price of those is only 17.09€ right now! I have begin to love blue circle lenses because those are just so much different than my own eye color. Geo Holicat Funky Blue is one of the holicat series and you can go to check other options from this collection ^_^

The color is so pretty and I love the design of it. It still shows a little bit my own eye color but since it has a little bit brownish color on middle, it blends a bit. But I think it just makes your eyes look unique! Enlargement is natural to my mind. Not huge but still pretty dolly enough :) it always depends your eye shape and size how much enlargement it gives.

Power range: 0.00-8.00
DIA: 14.5mm
1 year disposable (for regular use maybe 4 months or when it starts to feel dry)

Color/Design 9/10: I love this color and how it appears! Makes my eyes look so bright and dolly. The design of it is also pretty and simple. However it still shows a little but my own eye color which kinda brakes the combination of natural looking blue eyes.

Enlargement 9/10: For me the enlargement is not so huge but as I said it' enough for dolly eyes. I don't even think that lenses with HUGE diameter can look pretty, most people looks just creepy with those to my mind. In before and after pictures you can see the difference :)

Comfort 8/10: Hmm.. first it was okay but I can't wear these for more than 5 hours maybe, it starts to feel dry after it. Lenses are not suppose to be worn a whole day I know but I'm comparing these to other lenses that I have been using. Also the blue color goes over to my pupil at some point :(

Overall:  I recommend these for all, especially for those who has naturally blue eyes. I bet these makes your eyes alluring! I recommend to keep eye drops with you if you are going to wear these for more than six hour a day. I really love the color and design of it and overall it makes eyes really dolly and pretty ^_^


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