[Review] Etude House - Moistfull collagen cream + essence


I have really dry skin like many other Nordic people has especially during winter. I have been struggling with it for a month now because my earlier moisturizer is empty and I simply haven't had time to go to buy a new one ugh. I've been trying scrubs etc. which helps sometimes but usually makes it just worse.
I was so glad when honestskin.com sent me package which included this Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream + essence set! Shipping took two and half weeks which I think is not bad since I live in finland and usually products arrives after one month. I've been waiting for so long time to purchase this so this became as really pleasant surprise. I was not sure though what the essence was about but after using this product for over a week I've started to figure it out haha~

It has a lot of Korean texts but gladly English instructions too. So this set is ONLY 12.67$ !!! (-30% off sale ends 31st. this month) and the normal price is still just 18.07$ which is really affordable. I must say right now that I already highly recommend this product for those who has dry or normal skin. Not ideal for oily skin, I guess it might make it worse.

You can see a slight difference right after blending one time. Makes skin look healthier, brighter and moist. The smell of these two products is like citrus and not strong at all.
Cream is 60ml and essence 20ml but I must say that little goes far! Just size of a bean is enough to moisturize your skin. I use cream every morning before putting make up and every evening before going to bed and after a week I've noticed a huge difference. I can't stop touching my cheeks since they feels so smooth, bouncy and thanks to essence also firm. It's instant help for me whenever my skin feels dry.


+ instant help
+ absorbs quickly
+ smells good
+ affordable [especially now on sale!]
+ a little goes far
+ light
+ firms [essence]


- feels sticky [essence]
- no spatula with cream so remember to wash your hands before putting finger in jar [germs]


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