I got my first memebox last week and I was waiting it for two months ugh. Memebox is online shop where you can order these beauty boxes which has Korean cosmetics inside and you won't know what is in there! Okay in some box there was not Korean cosmetics and people sent dozens of emails for them to stop adding other than kcosmetic brands in there. They made an promise not to put nothing else than Korean cosmetic in future.
So here is my memebox global 7th. and this was 23$ only... inside of this box was much more worth it.. are you ready to see what is inside of it? If you haven't open or receive your box yet, don't scroll down ;) 

This box had some skincare products yay! I will be reviewing these soon for you ^_^ ''The foundation of beautiful skin begin with cleansing and protection '' In our 7th box, we included a cleanser, 2 of our favorite deep hydrating mask packs, and facial cream to revive your skin. We hope these leave you bright and ready to try out the adorable make-up kit by a:t fox! Enjoy''

1. a:t fox- Jasoyup Herb Tea Makeup Designer Kit
- 3 color eye designer pencils
- eyeline designer pencil
- lip&cheek designer pencil
- nail sticker [6 strips/nail file]

2. Miseenscene- 2X Curl Essence 30ml

2X curl essence is nourishing leave-in treatment that provides volume and helps rejuvenate dry damaged hair.
Rub a small amount into your palms and apply to towel.dried or dry hair, focusing on ends.

3. Leaders Insolution- BIO Medi-curing Mask Aqua Dressing 20ml x 2ea

BIO Medi-curing mask is a mask that hydrates and moisturizes your skin to the fullest. It is 100% coconut jelly mask, which gives you that ''cool'' feeling. It will also dramatically reduce the appearance of you wrinkles!

4. Dr.G- BIO-RTx Mentor cream 20ml (randomly 7, 5 and 3)

Mine is Bio-RTx Mentor Cream 5 which is moisturizing & enhancing skin barrier cream fro dry skin. Recommended for dry skin. Hahah~ I was lucky to get this one

5. Catrin- Natural 100 Mineral Sun Kill SPF42 PA++ !

Natural 100 Mineral Sun Kill is a mineral sun protector, which provides SPF42 PA++ protection. It contains 10 organic, 100% natural minerals that are even suitable for sensitive skin! The main benefit of being oil free, and chemical free product allows everyone in the family to enjoy 100% natural mineral sun powder!

6. Recipe by Nature- Slowganic Cleanse - Lemon & Green tea & Adlay

These looks like marshmallows! Slowganic stands for slow, raw and organic. This cleanser is made with organic raw materials, such as lemon extracts, lime oil and herbs. Slowganic cleanser instantly whisks away everyday imputirites and makeup without stripping the skin of essential moisture. (these are 40$??)

I'm REALLY happy for my memebox since it has products for sensitive and dry skin like mine! I'm so excited to review these for you soon! I will be purchasing my next memebox for myself but ALSO for my bf since there is ''memebox for him'' ;)


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