honestskin.com 30% sale off all items 1st. - 31st. March 2014


Have you already checked this Korean Cosmetics website honestskin.com?? If you haven't do it now because their 30% off sale just started today- all items! It's easy to find products of your favorite brand since you can simply choose it from the list. So this sale started today 1st. March and ends 31st. March so you have this month to decide what to get ^_^

When you join Honestskin you'll get usd2.00 points that you can use right away! You don't have to wait till next purchase like in many other online shops.
But as you can see the homepage there is a big list of different brands that you can choose from. You don't need to scroll all products through just to find you favorite.

Here is an example of products that are on sale from my favorite Korean brand Etude House. Princess Etoinette perfume is only 14.65$! I must purchase it haha~ and all dozen other things...


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