[Review] Geo Cafe Mimi Latte Brown 15.0mm


I'm here to share you these Cafe series lenses, Geo Cafe Mimi Latte Brown. Lenses are sponsored by geocolouredlenses.com and the price is only 17.09$ (25.82$). These lenses has some unique texture and huge enlargement! You should check other Cafe series lenses that creates natural looking dolly eyes ^_^ for me those blended so well even on green eyes so these will look so unique but natural at the same time on brown eyes.

As you can see the texture looks pretty and blends well. It looks natural on indoor, outdoor but also with flashlight :) I think that because of yellowish color, it makes eyes look a little exotic and catches the attention.

Color/Design 9/10: The color is not so brown, a lot of yellowish that many might find negative but for me it seems more positive. The texture is really pretty and unique, it's also different than many other lens designs.

Enlargement 10/10: Dia is 15.0mm so it enlarges a lot. In pictures it's not so huge looking but in the real those looks huge but in a cute way! Catches other's attention right into your eyes.. so dolly look.

Comfort 15/10: I almost forgot to take these lenses off before going to sleep.. those are soooo comfortable and light! No irritation, dryness, smudging or anything like that. I must give over ten points for these haha because good lenses must feel good!

Overall: No wonder that this series has become famous. Everything seems so perfect and different. Not so original kind of lenses, different than many other lenses with its design and color. I think these are fresh change :)


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