[Review] Extra Size Dali Brown 14.2mm


Today's lenses are sponsored by fobbybarbie.com and I'm really excited to share these for you. They look so natural and feel so good. Price was only 24,99 dollars so those are really affordable. Shipping from Fobby Barbie Shop took two and half weeks only. As I earlier mentioned on the post of their website, they mention which lenses are monthly disposable and which can be used for 1 year- like these lenses are available on both.
These are available in many other colors too and you find the collection from >>here<<.

Brand: NEO
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable

Color/Design 10/10: The color and design is same is in the pictures on their website. It blends so well to my yellowish eyes and probably looks really natural on those whose eyes are naturally brown. The design is simple which makes eyes look dolly but still natural.

Enlargement 8/10: Dia is 14.2mm so the enlargement is not so huge usually. There is no dark ring on the side of lenses so maybe that is the reason why eyes won't look massive.

Comfort 10/10: These felt so good on my eyes. So light and no irritation or dryness. It also does not move on my eyes a lot when I close those or roll like many other lenses does. Great for sensitive eyes like mine.

Overall: Lenses are probably suitable for anyone. Those look natural, dolly and blends so well - not sure about blue eyes. I always prefer lenses that keeps eyes natural looking but still has some kind of special effect! Deepness, enlargement or brighter look - those which catches other's eyes to yours.


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