[Review] Dueba Cleopatra- Blue 14.5mm


I'm back with reviews. I have been so busy because now I have only high school courses and I started driving school so I haven't had so much time to blog. Now I had three days off so I'm back with circle lens review that you been asking for ^_^

Today's lenses are sponsored by beautylenses.com which I believe many of you know. They offer 1-3 tone lenses, daily and crazy lenses so they have many options and I'm sure you will find yours with reasonable price. They also have free worldwide shipping!
My lenses are Cleopatra- Blue which costs only $14.90 and arrives in two and half weeks. When I received these lenses I noticed that the color wasn't so noticeable as in picture but after I putted those on it appeared pretty blue!

Color/Design 8/10: It's not as blue as in the picture, it actually looked really light before I put it into my eyes but after that it turned more blue, more dark than bright. I still like the design of it which is really similar to bambi princess mimi lenses.

Enlargement 9/10: Dia is 14.5mm so it does enlarge your eyes and you may see it in pictures. Thanks to black ring it makes eyes roundish and dolly!

Comfort 7/10: Unfortunately these were not most comfy lenses :( I had to check did I wear it upside down because it felt like it won't stay still. But I had to used to it for a while and it still didn't irritate my eye or whatsoever. 

Overall: These lenses look pretty natural and dolly. Only because it's not so comfortable I wouldn't use these everyday. I believe these lenses would be great for those who has naturally blue eyes so those will look more bright than dark :) 


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