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Today I'm actually sharing you one of these Finnish online shops called Polkashop. I have been purchasing few things from them earlier and their packages arrives in 2-7 days and mine took only 3 days. Their clothing are changing all the time and many of these are pretty familiar from Asian online shops which I think is great, you don't have to order from other countries when shipping takes a month, can be stuck on custom or it's just too small and you won't bother to send it back anymore.

This cute Mickey Mouse hoodie is sponsored by polkashop.fi  and unfortunately this hoodie is not available now, maybe later again but there is other option which is of course a Minnie hoodie ^_^ price is only 27€ right now so go to check - it's one size.
I like it a lot since it's really comfortable and hood is so cute! And you may see how handy the pocket is on it :) I'm a big fan of old disney characters so I was really excited about this one.

Unfortunately they don't ship worldwide so HOX HOX suomalaiset lukijat, check their website if you are interested. They also have clothes for men and kid's. Shipping costs 5€ only and it arrives in a week. One year ago I bought a jacket from them and I have been still using it, usually I brake my jackets during one winter errr =_=''

Keep following, now my driving school's theory lessons are over so I might have more time to blog :)


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