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Heyyy~ I'm back with circle lens reviews as some of you already were hoping to read more those ^_^ These lenses are kindly sponsored by Love Shoppingholics. If you don't know their website go to check: they have worldwide shipping and shipping to Finland takes something about 2-3 weeks only and with every single pair of circle lens purchase you get free cute animal lens case.

Today I'm reviewing these Vassen Shinny Gray 14.5mm lenses. I've never tried gray lenses because I don't feel like those would look natural or pretty for my eyes but it turns out that these lenses made me look dolly!


Taking pictures during winter is a challenge because it's dark all the time. Sun almost never comes up and
there was light only two hours outside errr.... but I woke up early and hurry up hahah.

Diameter (DIA): 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Duration of use: 1 year disposal

Color/Design 8/10: So pretty design and color. Thanks to brown circle inside it blends better for brown and yellowish eyes. The color is so deep and fresh looking that it really makes your eyes look dolly! Still I think that gray color is not so natural that I would use everyday.
Enlargement 9/10: Dia is 14.5mm so it does enlarge your eyes! It does not look freaky or anything, sweet and almost even natural looking eyes!

Comfort 10/10:  These feels super comfortable!! No irritation at all and my eyes didn't feel dry after eight hours. I didn't even notice that I was wearing lenses, they didn't move or come over to my pupil area. Full ten points!

Overall:  I could purchase these lenses because of design and comfort but in different color. Really recommendable for all to try out. You can check the other color options if you feel like gray color is not for you but sometimes it can surprise like it did me. Comfort is high quality and enlargement to get pretty dolly look ^_^


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