[Review] Holika Holika Miracle Real Skin Finish Normal/Dry Skin

Hey my lovely followers! Today I'm going to share you a review which is sponsored by www.cosmetic-love.com ^_^ They are Korean beauty shop so if you are wondering where to find these Korean cosmetics and brands, check their website!
Cosmetic Love does have a worldwide shipping and shipping to Finland took something around two-three weeks which was great, also the Economy Shipping is free ;) I have purchased from their website earlier and I have always received my packages carefully wrapped and quickly which I believe everyone wants.

Holika Holika is one of these famous Korean cosmetic brand's and instead of BB/CC creams I wanted to share you this Miracle Real Skin Finish which I found great! Mine is for Normal/Dry skin but there is also own one for oily/combination skin.

Do you see that super cute packaging?? Butterfly which has ''real'' wings plus the jar is cute pink ^_^  I just love these haha so cute but may easily look really cheap but I must say that the quality surprised me once again. Even the price is only $14.40! You don't have to spend your money anymore for expensive BB and CC creams which are all the same together.

It looks really heavy textured but it's actually really light. It makes you look really pale which some people adore and others doesn't, it's your opinion. But also the tone is slightly bit pink but it's good for my skin tone which is naturally little reddish so it blends well, winter makes my skin look really pale. I would say this is more like make up base and foundation at the same! And it gives you really really natural looking finish!!! no more foundation lines or cracks.


+ fragrance
+ natural finish!! (REAL skin finish)
+ SPF25 PA++
+ a little goes far
+ light texture
+ whitening
+ covers redness
+ long lasting
+ affordable price


- too pale (for my skin)

So should you try this product? YES! I think this is just great if you want really natural looking finish and you don't have to repair your makeup during day. I think this has become my new favorite one even I have to use it with powder just because it's a bit pale.


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