[Review] Holika Holika Jewel-light Under Eye maker #01 white

You know this pretty new Aegyo Sal (puffy eye bags) which suppose to make your eyes look bigger and cute. I like this a lot when it's correctly done but for some people it just does not fit. I might be one of those too but really when I saw this product from cosmetic-love.com I wanted to try! So this is sponsored by them and shipping took something around two weeks.

Jewel-light Under Eye maker #01 white  (also available in #02 pink) is a great for aegyo sal look! It costs $13.86 which is pretty affordable and quality is great. It really makes cute puffy eye bags which create enlargement.

There is two easy steps that are also explained on package with pictures. First the brown line which is the shadowing part and then white one which makes the puffy look. I think that this brown color is too dark but it's really easy to smudge later on. It stays long, if your eyes are watering it will stay and it's also smudge proof.


+ affordable
+ smudge proof
+ a little goes far
+ enlarge eyes
+ high quality 
+ easy to use



I don't know any cons about this product! It's really simple to use for amateurs like me. Highly recommendable and you know where to get this - Cosmetic-love and they offers free worldwide shipping so what are you waiting for ^_^ 


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  1. makes me want to buy it xD
    anw mind to followback my GFC?^^ thanks :D


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