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So I made a post about my purchase regrets but now I'll show you my current favorites. Couple of these are what I have been using for a long time but couple of these are my new favorites. So now I'll tell you why am I recommending these :)

1. BED HEAD TIGI - Headrush

If you hope to get more shine for your hair,  I mean immediately, purchase this one. It's something about 20€ and totally worth of price. I use it when I'm going out because I afraid that it ends pretty quickly.
It smells great just like many other bed head's products.

2. Garnier - PureActive intensive exfoliator

I just started to use this one since I noticed that my flat bang has made my forehead full of blackheads but with this product most of those are gone. I use this when I need to, not for everyday use. The brush is silicone so it doesn't harm your skin after rubbing. I guess price does change in different countries but i'm sure it's affordable everywhere.

3. BED HEAD -Ego Boost

This is also what I just started to use. It's almost like bed head's after party product. It repairs your damaged hair and price was errr... 20€ also. I haven't noticed huge difference yet since I just started but at least something already. It smells great ^_^ this is great for repairing split-ends. 

4. Garnier Intensive 7 days lotion

This one is my most favorite one! I have dry skin especially during winter and those pharmacy's ''medicine lotions'' does not help. I feel like it irritates my skin even more. Also this is more cheaper than those and available almost everywhere.
It smells like mango and it's available for different skin types. If you use it every evening before going to sleep for a week you will notice a huge difference! For me I noticed difference after first use.


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