Five things I regret buying

I believe everyone knows the feeling that you buy something and later on you start regret it. Maybe because you was not suppose to spend that much money, you didn't like your puchase, you don't need it and so on. Unfortunately this is too familiar for me and that's why I decided to start share you also my regrets. I usually post about products that I recommend but I want to let you also know what I don't recommend and why :) maybe I will save someone from regret hahah~

So here are my five current things that I regret buying. You may have some of these products and that's why I would like to hear your opinion about it, do you regret it also and why- leave a comment. I don't really regret about spending money for these because none of these were expensive phew but they are just not working like it promises- at all.

My first regret: BB cream by Garnier

I have saw so many people's review about this one and I guess it's one of the most hated BB cream. It does not cover, leaves really oily looking skin, smells bad and doesn't even stay an hour without powder... Do not spend your money for this one please, there is so many other and better products by same price.

Second regret: Brown and Lash coloring by Swiss O'par (or how to spell)

I used this for my lashes because I was thinking that maybe I don't have to use mascara so often if my lashes are completely black. Maybe this on suits for those who have really light lashes but beware... it messes a lot and when it goes to your skin there is not turning back! Of course package includes these covers that you put around your skin area but they didn't stay and it was just mess and irritated my eyes.

 Third regret: Salt spray by Swarzkopf

It promises easy way to get beach waves for your hair, like mermaid curls. Just spray it to towel dry or completely dry hair and crunch it for a while and tad-ah you have mermaid hair - no. My hair looked dirty, messy and it was sticky but also after trying to make it look better by brushing, I had straight hair again. Someone recommended it but I'm sure she didn't use just this product to get her hair look so nicely curled just by this spray HAH!

Fourth regret: Firming body cream by KIKO

Well I don't believe in these slimming or anti-cellulite and firming products but I gave this a chance because of low price. I wasn't expecting that it works but I really didn't expect the rash that I got from it!! My skin was red and itchy and there was some sort of light dots all over. I have never got any kind of ''allergic reaction'' about lotions so yeah.. time to throw this one away.

Fifth regret: Beautifying oil by TRESemme

This one is pretty popular right now. It should make your hair shiny and healthy looking. Of course your hair look shiny because it's covered by oil! Really I putted couple drops of it.. nothing. Later pressed once and added to towel dry hair and when I blow dried it was messy looking again and especially during day it was just oily =_='' it smells bad and it's hard to wash off your hands.

So if you have any of these products please share your opinion too! Or tell me some products that you regret buying so I won't purchase it hahah~ :)


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