[Review] Nude Magique BB cream

I hoarder two of these from Spain because I found it from Primor and it was only 5€??!! In Finland it's something a bout 15-17€ so this was pretty good found haha~
Many have been making a reviews about this but some people hate it and some love it and I'm one of those who loves it.

First it's white and I was like ''whataa is it expired and that's why so cheap??'' but after blending I noticed that it turns really close to your own skin color which was eh eh pretty cool haha~
In this pic you actually can't see but normally my cheeks are red red red and eye are dark dark dark. But if you look closely you can notice that two of my ''beauty dots'' - yes I want to use that name - disappear completely. Skin looks little more tanned and it's not glowing yay! Perfect finish, right?
What I especially like about this is that it takes a minute to apply it to your whole face and it's not heavy.

+ dries quickly
+ easy and quick to apply
+ natural finish
+ does not make your face glow
+ long lasting!
+ easy to find (from any shop almost and from online)
+ covers redness, scars etc.
+ turns close to your natural skin color

- only available in one shade(?)
- price changes a lot



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