[Review] Maybelline Big eyes mascara

When it's Christmas time the stores have a lot of packages which includes many cosmetics in same. I found this set as a great deal because the mascara is pretty new and alone it costs 17€ and this awesome eyestudio color tattoo 24hr cream gel shadow (review later) which price is something about 6€ but this set included both and it was 13€!!

So this mascara has brushes for upper- and lower lashes. Mini brush is great because it catches even the shortest lashes and make it look longer. The bigger brush gives also length and it has push-up effect which makes your lashes look thicker and curved.

Here is the before and after photos of my lashes. As you can see it gives volume and length for upper and lower lashes! And it only putted it three coats - seriously I'm not kidding I only brushed three times and this is the result. The texture is not too liquid and not too dry so it't probably because of that too. There is only one bad thing about the brush.. the middle part of jar makes it difficult to apply mascara for your other eye because it's touching my nose hahaha~


+ longer lashes without adding much of it
+ long lasting
+ two kind of brushes
+ not messy looking
+ push-up effect


- small
- the middle part disturbs a bit


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