[Review] Maybelline 24hr color tattoo eyeshadow

Fiiiinally!! My laptop is taken over by viruses and sites are full of ad banners so that's why I haven't been able to blog. When I open the text editor I'm not able to write because this is covered by the flashing banners but now I had luck phew. I'm going to buy a new one next week and also a new phone.

Merry Christmas everyone aaaand today's review is one of these gel eyeliners/eyeshadows that I'm usually not using because all those smudge so easily during the day but this one was part of the set that I bought (see the last review). 

I'm not sure about this product's price but I believe it's something around 5-7€ which is not bad at all when I think about quality of this!! I have tried three different gel liners and disappointed for all those so I'm always using liquid eyeliner. I think it's also easier to apply since I don't actually have a brush for this one :(

But you can see in pictures below it does smudge a little bit but it's actually my bad! I didn't let it dry errr =_='' but when you add the liner and let is set for about couple minutes it won't smudge at all! You can see the rubbing pic.. I actually rubbed my hand with a towel and it still didn't disappear completely. I'm sorry that I didn't take new pics because it's just dark all the time so the lightning is bad all the time. But I had those marks on my and two days eve n after shower so this liner is worth of its name ''color tattoo''.


+ really long lasting after you let it dry!! (my mistake on pictures)
+ cheap compared to its quality
+ really black, don't need to add more than one coat
+ not messy


- package does not include a brush
- hard to wash off'

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