[Review] Kiko definition liquid eyeliner

I'm using a liquid eyeliner always. It's my rescuer and enemy at the same time. Every morning I wake up and look myself from the mirror when it's time to put eyeliner: ''I'm pretty sure I'm going fuck this up'' because it's difficult still even I have been using it for err... at least five years now. When I try to do a catwing and notice that on the other eye it looks different.. I will add more trying to repair.. then more... little bit more and BAM I look like a panda and start over.

I got this eyeliner from KIKO and it was only 3€ and pretty big bottle. The brush is really really thin and soft which I like the best. The color is black and I was surprised that this was not that liquid as I thought.. it was more like sticky and dried almost immediately!

Here is an example pic when it dries and after adding a drop of water and blended couple times. It does not disappear completely and not easily because I rubbed kinda hard. It's not waterproof but you don't have to worry about messy looking eyeliner especially if you repair it once during a day. Otherwise for example catwing has smudge a bit.

+ cheap
+ dries quickly
+ no panda eyes

- does not last a whole day
- not waterproof

P.S. I had to cancel my previous giveaway because I got sponsorship from Love Shoppingholics and they are going to sponsor my next circle lens giveaway. There was not much entries and I have emailed for those who entered :) so there is starting a new giveaway in these weeks and prize is same almost.. just a bit better ;)


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