Big haul!

Finally my laptop's usb ports are working and I can upload my pictures. I haven't blogpost because of that.
So I'm finally back home after two months and I missed this ''luxury'' life haha~ And I have a lot of blogspots coming such as: reviews, OOTD, DIY xmas presents (+ ideas), tips and video.
REMEMBER that I have a giveaway going on.

My wallet was stolen - can't understand how  because I was in big shopping center and my handbag was on my shoulder all the time - but still my haul is pretty big because I couldn't just help myself. There is missing few things because I also bought souvenirs and xmas presents - I can't show those haha~ and I just couldn't remember what I bought so I couldn't put those into one pic.

Such an amateur looking pictures... others taken by flashlight. But it's winter in Finland you know and there 24/7 dark so I have to take some pictures by flashlight T^T
I will make a review about some of these what you see in the picture but also use in OOTD posts etc. there will be so much more posts coming.. I gotta chatch up :)

 Clothes are from Primark, Pimkie, Bershka, H&M etc. kind of stores and cosmetics are from err.....  million places haha~ if you see something in these pics what you want me to review please comment and let me know!


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