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Tomorrow is my last working day and then I have a week holiday before I go back to Finland. I'm so happy to get back and see all my friends and family and Zhou and shower and big warm house and bed and and and..... well okay I will miss these two months also of course. This have been a great experience and I've become more grown up. My personality is still pretty childish but you know.. I can be like adults when I need to.
So next Friday I will be in Helsinki doing quick shopping. If you live in Helsinki and want to meet.. let me know!!
So what I have been doing lately.. well at work I have been coding a website for a fleamarket but also shopping, eating, being hobo (got a lot of free food) and now I'm freezing because suddenly temperature is not going over +18 anymore.. I just laughed with Jonna that if +18 feels cold how we will survive in Finland when it's -5 now (which is not bad at all because it goes over -30).
We are traveling by Finnair air company and we read from news that they were going to do walkout 23-30th. this month when we are suppose to go back 29th. so our flight would be cancelled. I was so mad but now they said walkout is cancelled *HAPPY DANCE*
Here is some random pics taken by phone (if you wonder why quality sucks)
P.S my luggage is so over weight so be ready that I will make a lot of reviews and massive haul post!!! + I'm planning a giveaway ;)


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