Random differences between Finnish & Spanish

I really wanted to make this post because I'm living in a country which is so opposite of Finland. Here things are done differently and people are so much different! I don't even know where to start...

1. Greetings

In Spain people say hey for neighbors and for someone who comes from the same shop at the same time as you do. It's simple to say ''Hola'' and no awkward moments. In Finland I have been in so many awkward situations because we don't say hey for our neighbors if they are coming to same elevator or same bus. It's just.. if someone randomly says hey to me in Finland I think they are nuts or drunk. This is so going to change when I get back.. I will say hey more often and smile rather than be quiet.

2. Guys

Finnish guys please talk more! Be brave and not just flirt in bars when you are so drunk that you can't even walk. In Spain flirt less okay please.. it's annoying when I just can't walk to store or sit in our wifi place that guys from cars or somewhere yells hey sexy guapa or they come to take your hand and so on. It's too close for me.

3. Crimes

Here it seems to be normal that Spanish does rob tourists a lot. I knew these things and I'm careful here but Finnish tourists goes to bar with wallets and cellphones and talk with good looking Alejandro and soon they realize they are robbed. One night I heard girl screaming please no and I started to miss my hometown because no such a things happens there.

4. Restaurants

I have one san miguel (beer) place where I go with Jonna really often. Not because of free wifi only.. because waitresses are just great! They are not flirty young guys haha they are funny old men that brings us free peanuts and onion rings and ask do we come back and brings two free miguel more. Because we go there often we get better and better service :) In Finland everything is expensive and not so much as in here. Here you ask la cuenta por favor by raising your hand but in Finland nope.
So many option about food, Asian, Spanish or American and everything taste great! Finnish food culture is really weak and usually in restaurants they don't bring you free drinks or free snacks just because you are nice.

5. Families

Here I see that Spanish are going to eat dinner in evening with a whole family. It's funny to listen them because it's just like from Serrano's family hahah speaks quick and loud. In Finland we eat our dinner before 5pm. at home and not even always with family. Maybe in xmas we all get together in same table with relatives.

6. Shopping

Here is huge shopping centers and real stores and I fell in love with Primark haha. Of course we have shopping centers in Finland too but not so much stores as here. So much more different clothing and even h&m has different products than in Finnish h&m.

7. Driving

Driving is nuts in here. Speed limits are so much higher than in Finland.. of course because of winter too but here you can drive 150km/h ??? Also parking is crazy because people seems to leave their car where they want and leaves emergency lights on... In Finland no way. Our maximum speed limit is 120km/h and in rare places. We don't use emergency lights at all.


Oh why oh why Spanish dub all movies and tv series? I mean I just can't watch simpsons because I'm used to original English voice actors. In Finland we dub only kid's cartoons.. and not even always. We watch original movies with subtitles. Maybe this is one reason why all Spanish don't speak fluent English.

There is so much more differences but right now while I'm thinking I can't make more of these. I didn't get a huge culture shock because I have been traveling before but it will be so weird to get back to Finland.


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