Preparing for winter

I'm still in Spain and one month is almost gone already and last four weeks starts. Mom told me that in Finland - my hometown Kajaani has a lot of snow already and it's almost -10 degreese. Here it's over +20 all the time so there will be a small difference when I get back haha.
My luggage is going to be so heavy so I can't buy winter jacket or shoes from here.. it will be a little bit awkward in Helsinki to go to shopping with leather jacket and ballerina shoes.

I hoarder cheap knits, sweaters, cardigans SHIRTS from here. In Finland one knitted shirt can be 29.95e usually but here just 10e so there is a big difference. I will not set a budget for my jacket, it must be warm and fur hoodie. Well okay maybe my budget is 100e heh..
what I love about winter is that if you have good looking clothes which are comfortable and warm at the same time. I will make lots of beanie hats from my old cardigans, I will make a DIY post about it when I get back to Finland.


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