I'm in Spain whataa?

So finally I got chance to use computer because my work started today. I don't even know where to start!
First when we arrived to Spain in middle of night and I saw our apartment.. I was so dissapointed that I just wanted to cry. It was small and old and everything was falling apart but now after three days I have finally starting to accept it hahah. I was homesick and still a little bit because I just miss Finland and how easy it was to live in there - clean and warm water - but okay 58 days left.

Also my little brother somehow started to miss me A LOT and it made me sad because at first day he was just crying and tried to speak me over to go back home. Honestly I want that these two months will pass quickly but now I'm feeling already better. Still... two months is long time to live alone without bf and family.
Atleast I got internet to my phone but it's prepaid. I can use whatsapp all the time for this month but it costed 80 euros wtf??? and in next month I have to use wifi only.. I think I will be homesick again then TˆT

Here is so much clothes and cheap!! But still I have tight budget now. Money issues stresses me a lot now. I believe I won't blog so much in this month but I hope you understand. When I can and I have time and theme.. I will. I try atleast once in week or two. I have never been alone far from home and I hope that after I get back home.. which seems to take forever.. I will be so much more confident and so on. Not like a kid anymore...

Okay but I won't blog so much in these two months but I hope you all won't be gone because I come back =)


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