Fuengirola beach

I will make an apartment post soon.. we are just too lazy to clean it yet and we destoyed our sofa so I try to avoid it as long as I can haha. And in last week I will show you guys what I have been buying from primark and other places.. but mostly primark kekeke HAUL POST. But in few weeks I will do SHOPPING POST! yay

But now.. our apartment is near the beach and stores and working place, just a great place. Also Feria area is next to us which is great. I'm waiting for Halloween because I heard people celebrate it here.. we don't in Finland so I'm excited! Of course I will buy some Halloween stuff.. maybe devil horns kkkk.
It's starting to be cold in evenings and today is first rainy looking day... I afraid I won't tan anymore T^T we have only weekends time to sunbath but oh well I have six weeks left to suck all D vitamin before winter. I HAS SNOWED IN FINLAND ALREADY *0* and I have only leather jacket with me and ballerina shoes and I will stay in hotel in Helsinki when I'm back hahah I will freeze.


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