Working like never before

You may be wondering why I haven't blog so much recently but now I'll explain you. Three weeks anymore and I'm going to Spain but it's not the one that have been taking all my time.

You know that I'm working in company called Avedia which is my class's company. We just got a huge deal with local ice hockey team - Hokki. We are their new media team and I will explain you what things we are doing right now.
I think that in Finland we have three or four industry that works 24/7 and media industry is one of those. Normally my school would end after 4pm. but not anymore.. we are working around a clock and usually I get home between 19-23 o'clock. We livestream Hokki's games in this season to internet + tv and it takes A LOT of time to prepair, but cables on right places and so on and we want to make a great broadcast. We are so young so it was funny in one day when couple older guys asked ''are you allowed to be in here when the Avedia company is filming these?'' they thought Avedia company has older employees hahah~
I have been near of burn out now.. I just want to sleep and think something else than ice hockey and all that stress what it makes. I just want to cry because we are still amateurs but we have such a lovely teacher who help us all the time in there.

So I'm playing music in there, making voice advertising - also playing those - then we do videos, take player pictures, update their social media, livestreaming, taping cables haha, graphics in games, player interviews and many many many other things so I have hands full of work. It makes all of us tired and weakest gets fustraided even when they are not doing anything but it's because of panic.
Here you can see teaser video about upcoming season, what you think? (even if you don't understand Finnish)

Zhou has two final exams in this month so he is studying hard all the time - we see each others once a week now which makes me upset easily now since I'm going to Spain and I won't see him there at all - hard to get time and I love sleeping.. even in weekend we have to work. Tomorrow is next games and it's season opening game and our mentor teacher went to Dublin - we have to survive without his help *0*
Here are the replays and hey... check the end on video, pretty cool huh?

Here is the video about ticket prices. I just want you to see the cool effects ;)

We edit a lot and some of my classmates were on school in weekend.. you see the cool koala flashstick hahah. We have fights with photograph teacher because she needs video cameras in her lessons even when that monkey game class students don't know how to use those.. so frustrating because we really need those more than they do.

katja ''the boss'' have been working hard and today she went to London. Hope she will have fun there!
We have a huge problem how to handle food.. I mean we have long working days and we need much small snacks haha. We have been buying salads from small store where everything is kinda expensive but when we suddenly realized to go to lidl - bigger store - we couldn't handle ourself when we saw so much good stuff there so cheap.

We are in huge project right now and I couldn't be more proud of ourselves. We still have to practice and put things to roll better but still.. this is once in a lifetime thing and we are on it. We jumped into unknown thing and I'm sure we have been learning so much about the real work.

Avedia and Hokki are stronger than ever in this season!


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