[Review] GEO Lotus Brown 15.0mm

Heyyy I'm back~ i've never been this busy with works but we got a huge deal with lo cal ice hockey team so..

I'm back with circle lens review which are kindly sponsored by loveshoppingholics.com ^_^ if you haven't check their website yet, do it now because they sell also beauty stuff such as false lashes and cosmetics.

These lenses are GEO Lotus Brown DIA 15.0mm and honestly when I saw these lenses color I was a little bit afraid that those will not look good on my eyes. After I tried these I can say I was wrong because I always somehow forgot that my eyes are not completely green, they are yellowish also.
Loveshoppingholics ships worldwide and these lenses cost 21.90$ but promotion price is now 17.99$!

 So the basic information about these lenses:

Diameter (DIA): 15.0mm
Base Curve: 8.7mm
Duration of use: 1 year disposable
Plano: 0.00 to -8.00
Available in colors: Purple, blue, green, brown and grey

You see how it blends well to my eyes and the enlargement of those. These are maybe the most comfortable lenses that I have been ever use!! Earlier if I have been using lenses which DIA is over 14.0mm makes my eyes red and feel uncomfortable except these.

Color/Design 8/10: These lenses are really pretty and the design of those is different than many others that I have been trying. Eyes looks so dolly and this color would be just perfect for people with brown eyes or green eyes as mine. They don't look so natural on me so that's why I can't give full points but still I like these a lot!

Enlargement 10/10: Well the DIA is 15.0mm so of course those enlarge your eyes. The black ring on lenses makes eyes dolly round and makes those look big and cute ^_^

Comfort 10/10: Didn't harm my eyes at all even I used these about 9 hours. Lenses with big DIA makes my eyes watering at some point and also reddish but these... no dryness or anything. I didn't even feel that I was wearing these *0* full points about that because it's important that lenses look good and feel good on you.

Overall:  I highly recommend to try these lenses even if they would look silly first but once you try those.. you will love these! I can't tell you enough how comfortable these are and you can see in pictures how those makes my eyes look dolly :-)

Where to get these lenses? Go to order yours from >>loveshoppingholics<< website. Hope you guys will enjoy :)


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