How to photoshop hair color CS6 (8 steps)


I'm going to Spain in next week *0* then I have more time to blog and show some great pictures but now because I have a lifestyle blog - and I'm a geek - I want to share small picture tutorial how to change your hair color in photoshop and this is really simple tuto that I learned by youtube in two minutes. Now I don't have to dye my hair anymore haha. Only eight steps.

in this case just hair but with same technique you can change eye color
if it selects face area just press down Alt and continue

for example in this pic I can delete eye by pressing Alt and going over it with selective tool

 Sounds easy huh? Well I got excited about this and tried my hair color hahaha I somehow like the red one but Zhou hates red hairs T^T well maybe I dye when he goes to army kekekekek

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