3th. anniversary with Zhou ^_^

Our anniversary was actually yesterday =)
It's been three years now when I started to date with my childhood first kiss - Zhou [Yizhou]. I must say that this year was different than last two. We are so much closer now and really we can do everything together now because I'm not that shy anymore as I was earlier. We wen't to restaurant for first time (blame me) and we ate risottos mmm that was good.

My makeup of that day. This face is one of our new thing okay err... I sent this pic for him before going out so don't even think that I'm doing duckface or anything kkk~ it's kiss-fish face and I don't remember where it became, maybe because Zhou looked soooo silly and cute when he first time suddenly sent me a pic a bout him doing that haha~
btw. I won't even bother to do my hair or flawless makeup anymore if I'm going by scooter >_<

My promise for this upcoming year is to let Zhou go to sleep when he wants. I got mad often if he went to sleep without talking with me.. how stupid is that? So I have to quit that. I also promised that I won't get mad if I don't know the reason. (That happens a lot).
This is unfair because Zhou doesn't even have to make any improvement :D grr..

And these pictures.. because we are normal

 I wish that upcoming years will always get better and better with him ^^


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