Small July haul

Here is my small July haul and I'm actually freaked out now when I saw calender - AUGUST? School starts on  Monday again what? And our schedule change every single week which is really stupid because I will never know what do I have in next week.

 So I got lip balm from yesstyle's sale and concealer set aaaand etude house's concealer stick. I can make a review about it if someone is interested.

Nivea in shower body milk - skin conditioner and I will review this product for you soon! It's pretty new and I love it so I must share it with you all. Hair mist from yesstyle's sale again and moisturizer which review you can readh from >>here<<

I wanted ombre back and don't know why because last time I hated it haha~ you can read earlier review >>here<< but I get bored easily for same looking hair. I also bought these warm cotton print leggings but I think I will wear those when it's getting cold.

In next month I'm moving to Spain and I already have my suitcase in my room haha~ I'm really excited but there is still few things to take care of errrr.... but I will continue keeping blog there, still doing reviews and hauls and post pictures for you but you can also follow our other blog:


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  1. Great haul post, I have wanted a eyeshadow palette like yours =)

    I Hope Sunbae Will Notice Me... samplehime

  2. I love the nude colors on your makeup palette. Good luck on your new ombre kit! Ombre hair is fabulous. :)

  3. I will show some pictures about my hair soon :-) it look better than last time.

  4. I'm looking forward to your ombre tryings! I actually like this style but I guess that because everyone is using it now, lots of people get annoyed by it. Anyway, nice nude colors on your make-up palette :)

    ♥ Maho

  5. That's true also but those looks really nice with curls :)

  6. i wanna ombre my hair so much or at least dye it red. its been black forever and it can get boring this way ^^

  7. I recommend dip dye or ombre :) red hair is hard to keep because it can get orange really quickly so you have to dye it all the time. I tried purple dip dye once which did last about a week.

  8. I love ombre hair so much ! I always wanted to do it too but I'm too afraid I will mess it up lol I would look forward to a review of the concealer palette *-* there are so many shades and I'm currently looking for a nice concealer for under eyes :3 I just ordered something from the yesstyle sale too yay *high five* hahah XD

  9. This one is really easy to do especially when you have watched couple tutorials from youtube ;) this concealer palette is not worth of review I think hahah~ not the best one...
    *high five* I think I will review yesstyle hair mist soon :-)


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