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First I want to ask... I'm just curious because I've noticed that I have native English speaking readers here, how bad my English is? I mean I hope you all understand what I write here but I think my English is not even nearly perfect. I'm better speaker than writer and I have some problems with right declination and articles. I never use google translator either, ahem. So I hope someone could comment haha~

But back to the review...
Oriflame optimals // eye cream which is brightening anti-puffiness. I've just got my skin FINALLY in good condition and this time I mean it's not dry anymore. Skincare is my new addiction but I can't never get this redness out of my t-zone because of scars and sensitive skin. Well my new problem that I want to solve is my dark circles. Can I ever get rid of those or even make the darkness look less dark?? I just have to cover those all the time and sometimes I use teabags because I heard that warm black tea can make veins thinner.
This time I tried and tested this product which was sponsored by mom lah~

It's such a cute color! Sweet baby blue/mint mix awww... but the texture is reeeeally smooth and smells like other creams. Not bad but not good either, maybe something like aloe vera I think. It should moisturize eye area and make puffiness disappear. It should be brightening also.

I have been using this just a week now and that's why I can't really say that does it 100% work but I see that it keeps eye area moist so the concealers and foundations and so on doesn't crack. It also works for puffiness maybe because it's kinda cooling. There is also a slight difference about the darkness, I start to look less tired but the difference is not huge yet.

I'm happy to this product but I believe I wouldn't purchase it again unless there won't be better results after few more weeks. Let's hope best ^_^


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  1. Wow!!! what a great change we can see according to the above pic and if this cream is that effective then I am also want to use this cream so thanks for this information.
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