[Review] Nivea - in-shower body milk // skin conditioner


Today's review is related to skincare again. I've became a huge skincare addict soooo... there will be probably a lot of these coming.
I had atopic skin for about 15 years, a lot of nasty looking rash but back then I didn't even pay attention for using lotions or anything. I'm happy that two-three years ago I started to look after my skin so I have no rash of what so ever anymore. When winter strikes, skin will get dry and I will recommend this product for everyone who wants to prevent their skin condition.

Simple to use and it cost under four euros. Not bad at all!
Use it after shower gel and so on as you normally do in shower. Then add plenty of body milk and rinse it off. Towel dry and you will feel the difference immediately. It's not sticky and doesn't smell bad but make sure that you rinse it well from shower's floor so you won't slip and fall err...

Texture is not sticky as I said but not so liquid either. Easy to blend and easy to rinse off. Soft skin feeling last almost a whole day especially if you add Garnier 7 days lotion >>here<< this product is also in bigger size of bottle

+ not sticky
+ easy to rinse off
+ cheap
+ immediately soft/silky feeling
+ last long
+ for any skin type
+ smells good
+ easy to find

- bottle gets empty quickly

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