[Review] Garnier Roll-on anti circle


What do I hate about my eyes.... I have really rally really dark circles and I do look like a panda bear without makeup or that someone has punched me. I think I use most of my makeup time by concealing my eyes. Dark circles are mostly because of veins and the skin is really thin.

As you can see the color is really pale! Blending wasn't easy because it leaves lines and for dry skin this is no no- thing. I was disappointed that there is only one shade available. With foundation and powder you can try to fix this.

As you can see it does cover the dark circles but the camera also lies this time. I actually have darker circles and in natural light you will see the area where you blend the concealer. If you will use this product then please make sure you will also add powder on it.

+ covers well
+ cooling roll which can help for eye bags
+ last long so you don't have to buy a new one all the time

- way too pale
- hard to blend
- cracks quickly
- leave lines

Thanks for reading! ^_^


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  1. thanks for posting this. im a so close to getting it. if it cracks quickly it wont be good for me since i alraedy have some lines under my eyes. i wish they have a version that just depuffs eyebags :)


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