[Review] Garnier Nordic Moisture Match - dry to very dry skin


I'm saving money at the moment because in next month I'm going to live in Spain yay! But now I did my small beauty haul and I want to review this garnier's new product. My last blueberry moisturizer is ending soon boohoo so I'm glad that this product came at right time ;) I was surprised that my hometown's store got it already and just for my skin type - dry.

Price was about err... damn I have short memory *checks* 6,40€ which is not that bad when I start to think how well this product works. It's not a big  jar but I'm 110% happy about the results it gives. t's not sticky, smells good and it gives moist skin immediately after use and it last a whole day and I'm not kidding.

After I wash my face every morning and evening I add this even if I don't feel like I have to. I could almost say that I don't need to add this everyday because the moisturized feeling last long but I like to use haha~ it smells good.

So there is at least three different moisturizers and I'm sure you'll find right one for you. And these three are the most common right now: for normal skin, dry skin and combination for oily skin.


+ smells good
+ easy to get
+ helps immediately
+ last 24 hours
+ not sticky or messy
+ easy to wash away
+ available for other skin types


- small jar almost 10€
- texture is hard so it was difficult to get any

I recommend this for all! 

What you would like to see me reviewing? Please nothing so expensive because my budget is tight haha~ 


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  1. Great review! Garnier has so many cool skincare products.

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog


  2. love this review and your blog ahhhhh <333

    just followed u, lets follow each other?

  3. Thank you! ^_^ and i'll follow back

  4. Hey and thank you! I'll check your blog back ;)


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