Hair update

Errr because of school started... I haven't had time to blog in this week T^T but I wanted to show you that I have my ombre hair back. I'm sorry that I couldn't take batter pictures but this was only sunny moment on this week and I had really bad hair day haha~ and you guys know that when you go to school makeup and hair looks great but when you go back home it's like something has explode!

You will see better pics about my hair in upcoming reviews ^_^

If you are wondering what else is different on me it's that I'm not wearing lenses lah~

ps. why my cat can't sleep normally?? 


2 kommenttia:

  1. Sleeping like a normal cat is for boring cats!! XD


  2. Hahhaah XD she never sleeps normally... I have maybe hundred pictures about her different weird positions


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