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I didn't do a video because I have to put some pictures to show you some things but now I'm answering to your questions what some has left on comments and email and so on. I was surprised about some questions haha~ well now you'll get to know me better.

What is your real name?

Jenny Cristina Pitkänen (Jenny in Finnish sounds like iennu. Not like in English)

What do you love about China?

Many asked questions about China so I putted it into one question. I love China because of language and their culture. It's so much different than any European culture so I'm really interested. Also my boyfriend's family roots are from China.
I would love to visit there as many places as possible.

What are you favorite cpop and kpop artists and songs?

I listen A LOT of different bands and artists. I could make one long post about those but right now I'm listening bands like: NU'EST, BIGBANG, Exo-M, Hit 5 and many many others but gosh I love love love Guang Liang's songs.
But actually I like to listen kpop mashups!

If you could pick any female to look like, who would it be?

Oh my this is tricky one because there is many many many kind of persons I would like to look like. Or I think ''I want that hair, I want that kind of nose..'' and so on but err.. there is not one kind of perfect female I would like to look like. There is many different ones.
I could say I want to look like Asian or a disney princess or some singer or my best friend, too many or random person on street haha~ there some examples kkkk

What's your favorite and least part about your appearance?

I'm not happy the way I look I have to admit. For me it's really difficult to say anything good about my appearance but Zhou has change my mind with few things. Hmmm... I'll say that my eyes are my favorite part because of the color, shape and natural long thick lashes.
Least favorite would be my body shape from hip to legs because I wish I could have skinny legs err... but well I have to live with that.

What things annoy you most about your boyfriend?

Hah~ I hope he is not reading ;) well okay honestly there is not many things about him that makes my blood boil but maybe couple small things can be annoying for example when I want to cuddle he suddenly starts to talk about philosophy things and what is right and wrong and meaning of life blah blah. I love to listen those but he always pick the wrong time :3 I don't also like that when I ask ''what are you doing'' he says ''computer - reading - eating - listening music'' nothing else :D silly

Where do you study and are you working?

My third year in media high school starts and I'm currently working in own media company with classmates. Also I'm going to continue teaching kids to dance.

Do you play games?

YES! I like to play games and I have actually made a game with Applegod95 (code name) in school called Ultimate Zombie Hunting. There is duck surfing on rocket board and spit fireballs to zombies hahahah~
But I play games with ipad such as ice cream jump, benji bananas, quiz battle and so on but I also play The walkind dead and on play station............. Call of duty modern warfare WAAAH!

Which kind of guys you prefer? 

Foreigners and nerds. Easy one. I really don't know why but I prefer nerds than hot player guys who change girls like a socks. And Finnish guys are all stupid to my mind hahah~ I haven't met any annoying foreigner guy yet. Also about guys appearance.. no blonde, no blue eyes, not much muscle.

What kind of wedding dress you want?

AAAAWWW I love to look wedding dresses XD I don't want huge princess dress. These three are kinda close what kind of dress I want in future.

Do you have any weird habits?

I can't sit in bus, cinema, train, airplane, classroom or anywhere next to random person. I always have to be middle of my friends or I will panic.
I pinch my nose a lot and it's actually thinner now than five years ago.
When I write in my blog and I don't know how to make good sentence I hit table gently... like drumming.
I want to wait that my new mascara dries little bit before using it.
I have to make weird imitations and voices almost all the time.
When I'm bored I tie small knots to my hair.
Many other things too haha~

What would you like to say for teenage yourself?

Don't think what others think about you.
I paid too much attention about thinking what others think about how I look or what do I see or even how do I walk. That kind of thinking made a lot of troubles for me.
What you think is the meaning of life?

I think the meaning of life is to enjoy. If you really live just once then enjoy about every moment. Make things you like to do.

What kind of clothing you could never wear?
Fiorella jeans like this *puke*

What would be your dream job?

Voice acting would be just great. I will make it happen or I will even try it in future. I want to be the next cartoon voice haha~
What are your daily skincare routines?

Taking care of my skin has became an obsession to me.
I wash my face every morning and evening with warm water. Then I spray salt water which makes all pimples disappear quicker. If there is a scar after those.. I will add baking soda on it.
I add moisturizer after washing my face and in shower I use scrubs and then nivea's in shower body cream.
What things you love most about your boyfriend?

Understanding. Trustful. Caring. Loving. Peaceful.
He is just perfect! He is smartass okay and deep. But I love when he surprise me by being silly sometimes and it's just... I love to be with him and I can be myself and tell him everything.
Thank you about all your questions and I'm sorry if I didn't answer all your questions but next time :-)

What products you would like to see me reviewing? Please tell your wish. and only three more followers to bloglovin'  and I will be in spain with ''hug me'' sign.


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