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Hey sweeties -- I'm back ^^

I'm became a huge online shopper after I got my visa card. And I'm using paypal so shopping is super easy. But now I want to show you two my favorite online shops which are pretty similiar. I think Yesstyle is more known or familiar for you guys but Sammydress is pretty same place but which one I prefer? Well I'll give you my personal opinion based on my shopping experiences.

Yesstyle/ I like the layout of their website but to my mind their category's text is pretty small and it looks full. It's still really casual and simple which is always the best choice for websites. The banner's commercials are colorful and I like them a lot. I usually click those kekeke-

Right now yesstyle has 80% sale going and they hae 100% FREE SHIPPING for limited time. Usually their shipping cost errr.. too much for me so when I heard this thing.. I went to purchase couple small items right away.

 Sammydress/ So how about this website. I think their website's layout is more clear and category's text bigger. Everything is organized clearly and the website doesn't look full and messy. Still the red color seems weird first but actually they made it work well.

Sammydress's has sales going on also and their shipping is lower than yesstyle's. There is also a lot of items which has free shipping. I think I have made more purchases in here.

 Yesstyle/ Products can't be ''quick viewed'' so if you want to see is the product available or see the more pictures you have to click and open. Okay it doesn't need a lot of time and effort but it's sometimes annoying if you have a slow computer as I do.
When you open the link you can scroll down to see more pics about the product and most of them are one-size.
I like that it shows the dollar and euro price so I don't have to google ''dollars to euro'' haha--
Sammydress/ They have the ''quick view'' button so I can quickly see the product's size options. But you can see is the product in stock only if you open it to another page which is pretty annoying. I fell in love to some kind of skirt and when I add it to my cart in quick view it doesn't show that it's out of stock errrr... but you can leave email address and when the products is back in stock you'll get notice.

Order & shipping experiences

Yesstyle/  I try to make purchases under 20 dollars because once my shoes were stuck in custom service. Well it's kinda difficult because the shipping is over 10 dollars. Now I don't remember the exact number sorry but ten dollars and more is close.
Ordering is easy and everything goes simply step by step. I recommend to use paypal as payment method.
If you take the standard shipping whichs is the lowest one, it takes more than month to receive the product because their handling can take from a day to two weeks. I waited my latest purchase almost 5 weeks. But all the products were packaged safely and I received them in good condition.

Sammydress/  Sammydress's shipping cost is not same. It's lot lower and depends how much your items cost together. You can also get S-points which you can use when you purchase. The more you buy - more you save.
Again I recommend to use paypal and the payment is easy again. Really simple introductions and there is the S-point option. It tells you how much points you can use and how much you save.
Their shipping takes about 3-4 weeks so it's faster. There is still BUT... I received just one item from my last purchase and they sent me an email that the product is out of stock. Well they gave money back of course but this has happened twice already.
They also package safely and items such as jewelry and watches have been on good condition.

 My favorite

Sammydress/ This is pretty clear now for me. I have had better shopping experience with them and their products are much lower price and there comes new products everyday. Yesstyle has great products but Sammydress has same one in lower price and the quality is still great.
They also sell cosmetics, home decorating things, kids toys, wedding dresses, jewellery and so on! 

 It feels like they have everything you need in one place. Great gift ideas, fashion clothes and they don't spam your email full of crap. They send great weekend deals and let you know when the items comes back in stock. If you don't receive the product they will send money back immediately.
Shopping in Sammydress is fun and easy in my opinion :)


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