Review: Oriflame wonder lash mascara

Finally... finally I found a perfect mascara for my lashes. And who bought it, my mom? Everytime when she buys something for me it's just something that I wouldn't use. Does your mom keep buying you clothes that you just can't wear? Yeah mine does and it annoys me haha--

The other side on this brush is long and the other short which makes your lashes thick and long! Without clumbs on those. It's horrible how much mascara middle-school students use o.o it's like horror

lashes without mascara
lashes with mascara
You see the difference huh? I'm really happy about the result and the best thing is that you don't have to add mascara more than one time. It gives great length and volume.


+ no clumps
+ volume
+ easy to wash
+ last long (doesn't smudge eyes)
+ cheap (order from oriflame's website)


- first difficult to apply because it's so liquid

there you go ^^


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  1. Your lashes are pretty gorgeously curled in the before photos! And yeah, it's usually our dad that buys us stuff we can't use.

    Anyway thanks for stopping by my blog and subscribing! Your blog is sooo cute! Now following back. ;D
    Lynn | Makeup With Tea

  2. Thank you and welcome ^_^ my lashes are actually naturally curly and long but the tip of the lashes are kinda light so those can't be seen on ''before'' pic.

  3. Oh wow, this mascara does seem to work wonders!

  4. lovely review, thank you for sharing! the mascara makes your lashes look so long and pretty! Looking forward to your upcoming posts ♡

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  5. Wow! Your lashes look incredible! I'm obsessed with long lashes so I'll have to try. :)


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