Review: Catwalk Tigi Honey & Oatmeal shampoo

I made this great sale found. Usually tigi's products are kinda expensive but now I found this shampoo just 5€ which is not bad at all about this bog bottle.
I don't have a computer right now where the internet would work but it's not going to stop me from blogging. I have to use my phobe and the camera of it so I hope you will understand.
Oatmeal & Honey shampoo - Comfort food for damaged hair. The bottle says that this product helps improve chemically treated or damaged hair with vitamins A, B and E while enhancing moisture and shine. The shooting aroma invigorates your mind, body and soul.
Well okay to my mind this is not so good shampoo as it claims to be. I didn't notice any difference on my hair, it just smells like honey. I think it actually makes my hair look greezier somehow D; I usually love tigi's products but this let me down.
The foaming is good and it does smell good but maybe for some people it's too sweet. But it doesn't help my damaged hair so I think I won't purchase this again.


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