Basic curling tutorial for beginners

I made this quick super simple curling tutorial. I'm not an expert at doing videos at home I gotta tell you but sometimes I like to show things by video when taking photos feels difficult.
This tutorial is great for those who are beginners with curling wand. I'm using Remington's pearl wand and I absolutely love it because I  can choose the heat, it's easy to use, heats quickly and it makes great curls.

Now I will be focused on blogging more since my summerjob ended YAY! And I'll tell you things that I'm going to show you in upcoming posts: ootds, makeup review, makeup tutorial for beginners (one of the wishes) and I will answer to your questions that you have send to me :-)


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  1. Kiva video^^ Nätti oot;u;
    Taustamusa(; ♥


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