What I've been doing lately

Summer vacation started about couple weeks ago and I'm already feeling like I don't know how I should spend my days. I'm making and planning new blog posts such as reviews, haul, makeup tutorial and beauty tips. I've been moderating the giveaway too and i want to say big thank you for joining it and I wish you all good luck.
Obviously I also do other things than blogging haha~ I decided to show you by pictures what I've been doing lately. If you wonder the bad quality, it's the phone but I guess you know it lah~

Before summer vacation I was  suppose to study on exam week. I had to motivate myself somehow to start reading earlier for the exams but I didn't. I always started at evening before exam and it was fustrating because I didn't want to do same exam on Autumn. Also I wouldn't got permission to go Spain on Autumn if I won't pass the exams. As you can see the middle finger pic.. I hate math and after the exam I was 100% sure that I failed it. Same with history and Swedish. But guess what... I passed all my exams even Swedish and raised my math number  by one WOHOO!

When the holiday starts and I don't have to prepare for school or work, I can take care about my skin. I make scrubs and masks and test which DIY things works best for me. My eyelashes has grow more because I haven't been using mascara everyday. Also it's important to let your skin to breath sometimes. No more pimples or less white/blackheads.
Just couple OOTD's. On the right side I'm using jeans, blazer and two tank tops but it was school time. Now I can just use more comfortable clothes and I've been starting to loose some weight. I have more time for that on summer but I have to admit that it's also bad that I can skip some meals more often. I try to avoid that.

I have to post at least one really ugly pic of me hahaha~ but there is more of those. I take goofy selfies for friends on whatsapp. One day I noticed that I can't do the duckface.. my lips are tiny and I can only do this kissing fish face :-----D I'm having fun with my cousin and as you can see we have a lot common.. both silly front of camera and we do look a little bit same.

I have more time to do my hair and it has grow a lot during the holiday, I even got more volume and I can say girls.. there is not only bad hair days! I thought that a good hair day is just a myth kekeke~ as you can see I donät have my flat bang anymore. Maybe next time on winter.

Can someone please tell me... why my cat does this. She is acting so silly now when I'm more at home and not in school. She sleeps in weird positions and when I was taking a silly face pic with her you can see that she did same kkkkk~ Pipsa, perfect cat for me.

I've also been enjoying pretty landscapes. I just came back from summer house and even when there was not sunny, the stormy and rainy clouds looked amazing. I love the lake views in Finland and that's why summer is my favorite season. 

So I haven't actually done anything special but I can say that I've been enjoying and relax a lot. Girl things such as shopping, beauty hauls, skincare. Enjoying views, relaxing, trying to figure out what my cat is doing, loosing weight and eating healthier. I think this is what life is about, enjoying and relaxing.

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