Review: Garnier body - Intensive 7 days

Do you have dry and rough skin? Well I do or should I say I had, especially during winter. This product is available almost everywhere around Europe not sure about Asia and it cost only 3€ here! Bigger bottle is about 5€. I've been using this since winter and I don't understand why I haven't review this before. You guys must know about this product meh~

Garnier body intensive 7 days, nutritive mango oil for dry and rough skin. It's ultra softening lotion with L- bifidus and it gives you long-lasting hydration felt for up to 7 days. Yes I read from bottle kekeke but it's true what it says.

You can actually feel the difference right away after using this. When you have been using this for about couple weeks you will notice that your skin feels really soft and hydrated for days.

after one-time use

In this picture ^ you might notice a small difference but this is result after one-time use. I can feel it better than see but the skin seems smoother.

But how about this pic below.. this is after 4 days usage and you can really see the difference! Dry and rough skin for me is really pale. I've always suffered about really really dry and dead skin and the biggest issue are is my legs and feet. When I was a kid I had atopic skin which means I got nasty looking rash easily, skin did crack because it was dry and so on. I used a lot of money for medical lotions but for nothing! Those only helped for rash but they dried my skin even more. Also the lotions didn't absorb through my skin....

After using this I can't stop touching my legs because the skin looks healthy and YOUNG, not like old people. My legs are not grey anymore and feels hydrated all the time.


- Available everywhere
- Cheap
- Long-lasting bottle
- Also for normal skin
- Doesn't smell bad
- Softening
- Hydrating
- Absorb quickly
- Helps immediately



Hope this helped someone :-)


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