Countdown - I hate words BUT & WHAT IF

Countdown for my Fuengirola trip and becoming adult (18y/o) starts now! My plane to Spain - Feungirola goes 29th. September so three months left. My bday is 13th. October and I turn eighteen y/o! age cricis

I've always wanted to be an exchange student or an aupair but never had a chance to it. Mom always said that it's only for people who have really really good income.. errrrr~ Thanks to my school (that I already love - yes I love my school lol) they give students opportunity to go abroad for job-learning-period, how cool is that? I finally got a chance to go abroad by my own without parents, without brothers - I go there with my friend Jonna! Our school paid plane tickets,  give lunch money and almost half of rent so yell heah we are so going there.
First I wanted to go to China but then I realized that I can't go there alone for the first time. So Jonna suggested Fuengirola which has many Finnish companies where we could work and she has been there on holiday and with her class. Sounds perfect! We got a working place from local finnish newspaper and guess what - our working hours : 10am.-3pm. kekekeke~

So I will be abroad for two months. Mom already miss me- gosh. She is worrying and the reasons why she let me go there are: school will support our trip, I have to (I learn to) save money by my own, I learn to be independent and this is once in a lifetime opportunity. We also have traveled in countries where people speak Spanish.

 So why am I so stressed and worried and anxious etc. ?? I'm really excited and I couldn't be happier about this! But you know... there are always the words BUT and WHAT IF.

I don't get homesick easily, not at all BUT I will miss my boyfriend a lot. I try to think how can I handle it because things right now are going better than ever in our relationship. 31th. August is our three years anniversary and in a month I will be gone for 62 days. We can't chit and chat everyday like we usually do. I already know that after a month when I see him through webcam or hear his voice again I will cry like a hell. So yeah... he is also really sensitive and he is already missing me. He will go to army in next year and still we will see each others more than during my trip lol. So I decided to make my bf a present.. diy present and I will tell you more about it when it's the time to give it to him :-) So WHAT IF I start to miss him too much and I want to go back home..

My summerjob starts tomorrow T^T only two weeks there but the working hours: 7am- 3:30pm. how the he ck can I wake up before 7 o'clock after sleeping everyday for 2pm.
We just rented a house and I will show pictures about it later and well I got summerjob as a gardener from graveyard and they pay well and I thought I will get most oh my money from there BUT I just counted how much I should really earn and it was less than I expected. So WHAT IF I haven't save money enough when I'm there? I will make a budget with Jonna but still anything can happen and there can be a thing what we haven't noticed..

Jonna has been there before and her aunt lives there too. So I'm not worried that I would get lost there easily   and we will be extra careful there. There have been too many news right now about Finnish tourists who have been robbed or even killed there. But they have had some problems with drugs and so on. So we are extra careful, don't talk with strangers, show our macbooks - ipads and cameras public BUT last year's media students were robbed on last evening in their apartment with guns so WHAT IF that happens to us?? I'm born in Friday the 13th. lol so I can't put much pressure to my luck.

Waaah I don't want to think those things but let's face it.. you have to think thing's bad sides too to even try to prevent those. I'm so stressed and a little bit scared but mostly excited and waiting for this trip.

Have you guys had experience about moving abroad for a while or long time trips etc. give me some tips what I should check and take care before the trip - thank you :-)


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  1. You'll cope. :) Two months is a very short period of time.


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