Review: Lioele BB - beyond the solution

I think I bought my very last foundation for this spring/summer. I'm trying not to use foundations and creams during summer because I hate the feeling when it's hot and you sweat over your makeup and the foundation starts braking.

Okay now I wanted to test some other brand than Etude House, Skin79, Tony Moly etc. and picked the Lioele. I've found a lot different reviews about this product and I still don't know does people hate this or not, time to test it then.

First I surprised that the bottle/tube was bigger than I expected it to be and look at it! It looks adorable ^_^ these are available in many online stores and depends about the website but this don't even cost a lot.

Claims to:

- Whiten/ Brighten
- Moisturize
- High UV protection
- Great oil control
see how it covers?


  • Great covering
  • Last long
  • Easy to get
  • Does control oily skin
  • Not grayish

  • Too pale
  • Texture is REALLY heavy
  • Dries too quickly => hard to blend
  • Smells bad


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