Review: Garnier Fructis Goodbye Damage shampoo

I was feeling that I just must share this review for you! I finally found shampoo which made my hair feel and look better only after couple use and the results gets better in a week.
This Garnier's new shampoo really does cure your damaged hair and I didn't even have to use other shampoos or anything after washing my hair with this. My hair is really damaged because of iron and curler.. also I tease my hair with brush everyday.

I tried to get a better pic about my damaged hair but in this it doesn't even look that bad as it was then. Normally people might find forked hairs but c'mon I found 8 different ''layers'' coming off one hair... that must tell how bad condition my hair was.

Well after five days my hair got more shine and no more forked hair.. well just a bit but still see the difference between this and first pic.

Okay I don't find any cons about this product. It smells great, works well and it's not even expensive and suits for all hair types. I highly recommend this for all and I guess I'm not going to buy any other hair shampoo after this, meh~


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  1. Hi Jenny, We thank you for your time and effort for reviewing the product and appreciate the positive feedback. At Garnier Fructis, we’re committed to providing the best to our users and offering them the best and fastest solutions to their hair problems.

  2. It's my favourite shampoo. ! ; )

  3. wowww.. cnt blve dese pics r real :P

  4. Well they are ^_^ my hair is in best condition right now. I have been using this only now.


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