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I'm only 10 followers away from 200 so thank you, usually people like to make some postings where their followers can ask whatever they want!

I will make a blogpost where I answer to your questions by video and also writing and using pictures. You can ask me whatever you want ''favorite actor, biggest fear, what products you recommend for... have you ever been...'' and  I will answer you. This will be plus plus thing in giveaway :-)

Leave as many questions as you want by commenting or in other social media like insta, twitter and email too. I want you guys to know more about me as a person, I'm not a blogging robot lah~

I have almost 200 of you and many of you are really quiet. Let's get known each others ^_^


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  1. I'm following you anonymously and I want to ask some questions what I've been wondering :)

    1. Why you love China so much?
    2. What things annoy you about your boyfriend ( i guess you still have one haha:3)
    3. Where do you study and are you working?

    Kinda like your lifestyle thing.

  2. What part of China do you love? Is/are there anyplace in China that you'd like to visit?
    What are some of your favorite c-pop artists and songs? (I love c-pop too haha~)

  3. Why did toi started blogging?
    What's the best thing about blogging?
    What are you going to do on summer?
    favourite band/singer?
    Favourite colour and food?.
    What do you think is meaning of life?.

  4. What kind of clothing you could never wear?

    Do you have any aims for this year?
    What three things about people can piss you off?
    What would be your dream job?

  5. Do you play games? :)

  6. What would you say for teenage-yourself?
    What are your three bad habits?

    Which kind of guys you prefer?
    Do you have any weird (?) secret or habit that your friends don't understand :D hard to explain sorry.


Thanks for leaving me a comment! I will answer you as soon as possible xoxo~

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