Dull to Doll - The power of makeup

I decided to make my dull to doll photo tutorial kekeke~ This is my everyday makeup actually too except without circle lenses. Are you read?
Let's begin with this picture. Okay in the end there is better dull to doll picture so scroll down ;)

 First do your basic skin covering steps. I usually follow these five steps: scrub/cleanse, wash my face, apply moisturizer, foundation and powder.
Okay eyeshadow is just really simple if you feel like you don't want to use it you can skip that part.

Then the eyeliner. For more dolly look apply white and black liner to your under lid and smudge. I forgot this part but actually I'm doing everyday makeup so that's why.

Then just mascara or false lashes and circle lenses, then you're done. Simple as that!




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  1. you're really pretty! You have such lovely eyes + the colour of your eyes are pretty as well.


  2. Thank you ^_^ i actually think my eyes are creepy poison green haha~

  3. What moisturizer do you use? would you recommend it? i have kind of an oily and kind of a normal skin, really weird and i hate it 'coz i can't find a good moisturizer for me.

    Nice blog btw ^_^

  4. My skin is dry and sensitive but my forehead is oily. I usually do DIY scrubs etc. which moisturize my skin but I'm also using oriflame's blueberry lavender face cream which I acutally blogged some time ago. But from Etude House there are great moisturizers such as ''Be clear Moisurizer spf 30+++/PA++
    Hope this helps :)

    1. Thx this helped a lot :)

  5. You looks so pretty !! even in 'dull' face xD
    Love your eyes color :)


  6. Aww thank you ^_^

  7. Are those contact lenses safe to use?. I have eyeglasses, but can I still use those?. I really want to be ulzzang<3. You are so pretty!

  8. Yes! :) these are really comfortable and I do recommend to order from eyecandys.com - kpop2.com - honeycolor.com - lensvillage.com

    All lenses have the different powers so you can get those with and without. I recommend you to try lenses with smaller diameter like 13.5-14.0mm and if your eyes can handle that then you can try more dolly and ulzzang look with 14.5-15.00mm lenses :)

  9. I'm not sure did you got this answer earlier but I did reply for you long long time ago. And yes you can use contact lenses even if you use glasses because you can use the power/plano of your lenses :) no problem at al and i do recommend first lenses with smaller DIA like 13,5-14,0 =)


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