DIY lipstick

I guess this is my second DIY post, huh? I could do a lot of those but for some reason I always forgot. But today I'm going to show you how to do your own lipstick color by using old lipsticks what you don't even use so don't throw those into carbage.. not even empty bottles because you can fill those again.

What you need?
  • table spoon
  • empty lipstick or contact lens bottle
  • lighter
  • lipsticks
Let's be careful with the lighter okay. I took these pictures by phone so I won't mess my camera. The quality might not be the best for that reason.

Step 1 
Put some lipstick to spoon. Use your imagination and mix different colors. You can also add just a bit of powder to reach lighter color. I used four different colors first.

Step 2
Take your lighter and start to heat the spoon's bottom with it till the lipstick melts and turns into liquid. After that mix it well.

Step 3
Put the liquid into lens case or fill the empty lipstick. Let it cool down for few minutes, you can put those into fridge but mine did cool down pretty quickly.

That's it! Now you have your own lipstick color :) after it cools down you can test it right away and name the colors.


2 kommenttia:

  1. The colors are so pretty♥ love this post, thanks (;

  2. That's a cool idea! I usually use all my lipsticks till there is none left though :p


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