Yeswalker lace up + Happy April Fools Day :-)

 Don't trust anyone today because it's April Fools Day... remember I worn you.

Snow is melting quickly and soon (hope so) it's time to start use my lace up shoes from Yeswalker. Actually these shoes are perfect for all seasons but I don't recommend on winter because these shoe's bottoms are completely smooth that even floor can be slippery, imagine the snow and ice under these.

I have saw so many wearing lace ups recently and I'm usually the one likes to use sneakers and now these are my only shoes with heels. The price was 38€ + free shipping. There was an offer ''Buy 2 get 1 free'' so I got totally free faux leather backpack.
These were stuck on custome service argh! It was way too complicated process but I did it. And I did only pay 8€ for the custom which is not bad.

If you are going to order something from yeswalker to Finland.. shoes will be stuck on custom if those pay more than 22€ out of EU country.


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  1. Ihanat^-^
    Onneks nää lumet sulaa jo:D en jaksa enää talveexD
    Ja pääsin käyttää uusii kenkiiki ku ei oo liukas enää:)


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