Review: The Rocket volum' express mascara

Yes today I'm going to talk about lashes again lah~

Let's talk about this new mascara which is The rocket volum' express by maybelline. I'm only using these maybelline's mascaras now because the brushes are so thick and actually does make your lashes look more thick and longer.

The brush is so thick and huge! I love it because it's not soft so it does not make your lashes look messy. The thick brush makes more volume for your lashes in just few swipes. I noticed that it also curved your lashes little bit.


- gives a lot volume
- makes lashes look longer
- water proof
- curves
- thick brush
- separate


- seems to end quickly. You have to buy another one soon.

OVERALL:  I'm going to buy this product again. I highly recommend this for everyone who wants to get lashes look thicker and longer quickly.


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