Magic Magic N-05 False Eyelas

I don't use false lashes at all. Only in makeup tutorials or something like that because my own lashes are already long enough. I won these lashes from Eyecandy's giveaway in memorable day's blog. Now I decided to make a quick review about these.

Magic Magic N-05 False Eyelashes

The price is under 17 dollars if I remember correctly. The package includes 8 pair of natural looking false lashes. The package does not include the glue.
What I love about these lashes is that those are really natural! Kinda thin and not dramatically long. My own lashes are same length and I surprised that some of mine were even longer.

I actually like these a lot. When my eyes are open the lashes doesn't show up much. It looks like you are having really light makeup, just a bit mascara. The lashes stood out best when you look down.

You see how natural looking these are?


4 kommenttia:

  1. Tahtooo noi o3o
    Ihanat kuvat!^-^♥

  2. näyttää aik halvoilt muovisilt D:

    1. Eikö melkeenpä kaikki tekoripset oo muovisii.. :D on nämä kuitenkin paremmat kun esimerkiksi seppälästä ostetut :) hinta-laatusuhde aika kohillaan.

  3. it looks good on you and it's also very natural. *o*


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