I'm back - YE (young entrepreneur) finals

Hey folks! I'm back now after an amazing trip from other side of Finland- Lohja. I have so much to tell you about the trip but I'm really tired now that I might not even remember everything, lah.

We had YE (young entrepreneur) finals. There were over 60 different companies from all over the Finland  competing about ''The best YE- company of 2013'' title.

Most of these pictures are taken by phone because I didn't brought my camera with me.

Sunday 07/04/2013

I was there only two nights and I had a lot of stuff with me kekeke~ it's hard to be a woman.

After putting all the stuff into the bus we were ready for bus trip to Lohja. From Kajaani it took 9 hours but for us the trip wasn't that bad because we had such a good time with our teacher, Young Dance company and Käpylehmät.
So I have a business with my classmates - Avedia. I'll tell you on the end what Avedia does if you are a new reader :-)

We made a small office into bus. Our teacher asked about our service's prices and so on and suddenly we created a the service. Now Avedia has ''Avedia's rynnäkkö package'' which includes: business cards, logo, brochures design and website in 3 hours! And the other is smaller package ''Avedia's teho package'' which includes: logo design and a website in 1,5 hour. We do our works fast with quality.

We went to Lohja's Luksia school  where we was supposed to sleep. After 9 hours in a bus we took our luggage and tutors brought us to our classroom. TAN TAN TAAAAN we didn't had beds in there! Just empty, messy and cold floor where we supposed to sleep?
We were looking each others like ''no way!'' and the tutors wee confused that we didn't get the letter where they said that we suppose d to bring our own beds or something where to sleep. Well one had own bed and she wasn't from our company.
The tutors gave us the floor mats ahhah. Two centimeters thick mattress.. in that moment I didn't know should I laugh or cry.

can you see the one huge ''bed'' =___= 
After few hours the class looked like this. Yes we did sleep on the floor but on the other night our lovely teacher went to buy the mattress for us! We had the traid fair where the judges and locals were watching our stands. After 4 hours sleep I still wasn't tired waah?

We did some works and last minute changes on evening and morning.

Monday 08/04/2013

It was the day when we supposed to build a stand for us and impress everyone in there. Well first we got some problems. The walls on our stand were not like they said it would be and we had a huge poster with us. Well we got an extra wall and boy's built it quickly.
The other problem was that we didn't have electricity near by? We had tv, ipads and a computers with us. Well thank you traid fair team that you helped us with this situation too.
Third problem was that the area was super small! But we somehow made it work.. like playing tetris.

Our stand looked like this.  Not bad right? Behind me you can see the tv whee we showed our videos. There is also ipads and we have the apps what we made on those and many were interested. We also have flyers, laptops and there twitter, youtube and facebook open. Wel front of me there is the camera object mug where was candy. We just raised hands and offered ca ndy for people and when they came close we started to talk and talk and talk about our business.

We danced the gangnam style flash mob there with Young Dance company. People came to dance with us ahhah~ I will add the video about the trip soon :-)

 Here is our general manager, my good and long time friend Katja. She is making our teho package in front of everyone. We had a small competition that one lucky winner will get a free website and a logo. On the tv we showed it in real-time. We wanted to prove that we can make websites and a logo in one and half an hour.

On the same evening we went to evening event/ gala where they gave some prices for the companies. We were actually nervous that are we going to get any prices?
There was a lot of funny performances for example guys danced ballet. I mean that they embarrassed them  selves on purpose.

we went there early hah~  seats are empty
We didn't went from there with empty hands! We won the best internet look price and the best stand price!! Everyone liked our stand and people really did gather around it. Good job ^^

Tuesday 09/04/2013

The last day was hectic. We had the presentation and judge interview. After our presentation the judges wanted to see us again! Only us and the other company because they were not sure which one would be better. We practiced and teacher said ''I think you have 4 minutes time to explain what you do''. When we walked front of the judges they said ''one minute, go''. But I'm so proud that our presenters did improvise really well!

Did we won?

 No we didn't won a whole competition and we were disappointed but later we stop worrying. We did our best, our teacher was so proud of us honestly and we got so much ideas, clients and experience which we will not forget.
We are winners anyway because our team works so well. I can happily woke up every morning and go to school because I know that I have a lot of friends. Avedia will continue stronger than ever with new ideas! 

Thank you!

I'm working in Avedia and also it sponsors my blog. But what Avedia does?

We are 11 ambitious media students from Kajaani and we started our business in October 2012. We provide all kind of media services for businesses and individuals such as:

- Web production. We do websites which also works great on mobile devices.
- Graphic design. We can offer you a whole business look and help to get your business marketing on the highest level. We design for example logos, business cards and posters.
-  Photographing. We take all kind of photos. We photograph in events and take portraits.
-  Videos. We edit and record videos for example business advertising.
-  Animations. We do animations for example banners for your website.


We publish video diary once in a month so our clients will see who we really are, what we do and encourage young people to try entrepreneur's life when they get a change for it. Go to check and follow our youtube channel: www.youtube.com/theavedia - fifth with English subtitles.

Follow us in facebook: www.facebook.com/avediany
And twitter @avediaofficial - tweets in English


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  1. Ei oo totta olit Lohjalla asdffgk
    Jos oisin tienny oisin tullu moikkaamaan sua!
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    1. Mainitsin siitä parissa postauksessa ennen lähtöä heh :3 oli kyllä tarkotus kirjottaa paikanpäällä, mutta ei kyllä aika riittäny edes shoppailuun TT^TT

    2. Voi ei,on sitten jääny huomaamatta :(

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